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Rise Above The Rest

Madeleine’s Macarons owes its genesis in a simple Valentine’s gesture. Macarons have long been my wife’s favorite, albeit infrequently enjoyed, baked treats.  As Valentine’s Day approached, I delved into the process of recreating these tiny, confections of almond flour and meringue. They consist of only a handful of ingredients. How difficult can it be? How wrong I was, to assume this was going to be easy. These finicky, little morsels were gonna be the end of me. My first Google result for “easy macaron recipe” returned nothing but despair and trepidation. Listed among the necessary “Special Equipment”: dehumidifier!!  What Homeric endeavor had I just embarked upon? Well…miraculously, my first effort, although not quite polished enough for the fine Parisian Patisseries, produced some pretty good macarons…or at least…and more importantly, the macarons and the sentiment and effort behind them, were warmly received and appreciated. I was hooked. The challenge of perfecting macarons has consumed me ever since. With the “stay at home” orders instated, the whole McIninch clan, including our 2-year old, Madeleine “Maddie,” jumped in with both feet.